Bridge 2 Hope’s SIX COMMANDMENTS of advocacy

Sleep/Denial - Not aware of what is happening

Tools and strategies: Go door to door. Work the carpool line. Have conversations with parents. Spend time one-on-one. Phone banking. Connect parents through social media. Word of mouth.

Waking Up - Emotional rollercoaster - anger, sadness, fear. Parents start to ask questions.

Tools and strategies: Protest in front of the schools. Distribute failing school report cards. Attend school board meetings. Community meetings. House meetings. Parent summit.

Learning - Research and preparation

Tools and strategies: Learn through board and community meetings. Parents start to ask questions about how they can advocate. Attend six-week Fellowship.

Action - Join the fight

Tools and strategies: Meet with policy makers. Show up at board meetings. Tell other parents what is going on. Share social media. Send emails.

Build the Movement - Bring others into the fight

Tools and strategies: Tell other parents what is going on. Work together. Strategize. Decide where to go. Join together. Build a campaign. One-on-ones to engage others.

Win - Improve education for all children in St. Louis

Tools and strategies: Convey demands. Advocate for change.